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At Stein & Associates, we realize how important it is that your facility remains in compliance with all Medicare regulations. It is also critical that your facility maximizes reimbursement under the parameters of the Medicare Program. Our goal is to not only assist with your Medicare Program but to help you grow your business through consultations.

Training  •  We will conduct in-depth training of all staff on the importance of getting Medicare eligible residents into the facility. Stein & Associates will cover vital areas often overlooked by most staff people.

Site Visits  •  We will spend time in your facilities on a monthly basis. We find it difficult to oversee a program from an office far from the problems on the floor of each facility. There are no limits to site visits or the amount of time our consultants will spend in your facilities. Different consultants can be brought in for different needs. Upon exiting a site visit, a report will be sent to the Administrator with recommendations to correct any areas of concern. Progress on those corrections will be reviewed on each subsequent visit.

UR Review & Oversight  •  We will provide a weekly UR log to aid in tracking all Medicare residents from admission to discharge. This tool gathers and centralizes information across all departments and keeps a running track of each resident. Your staff will be trained on how to use the tool. We will review every Medicare resident once per week to verify that we are maximizing the stay along with billable diagnosis codes.

Documentation In-Service  •  We also conduct many other in-services on topics like documentation and coding. These will be held as deemed necessary by the facility and consultant.

Medicare Chart Audits  •  Our team of consultants will perform routine chart audits on your Medicare residents to ensure that proper documentation exists, care plans are accurate, and appropriate supporting documentation justifies the RUG you are billing.



Stein & Associates offers operations consulting which is designed to effectively guide all aspects of the daily operations of a long term care facility. Our staff will monitor the operational, financial, and clinical aspects of the facility and report directly to ownership.

Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable  •  Current records will be maintained on all residents to ensure receivables are current and collected in a timely manner, and we will work closely with all vendors on terms and pricing.

Billing  •  We will complete all Medicaid, Medicare, private pay and third-party billing in a timely fashion as well as thoroughly train all office personnel and provide guidance of day-to-day operations.

Payroll  •  We will provide guidance of  all payroll and withholding functions as well as benefit control and oversight.

Nursing Services  •  Corporate nursing consultants will assist your staff with the quality of care in the facility through systematic programs and scheduled chart audits.

Case Management  •  Our trained professionals will help facility staff manage the care in order to provide maximum outcomes and minimal staff turnover where possible. We will closely monitor reimbursement in order to maximize each outcome while emphasizing the highest level of care possible.

Quality Assurance & Survey Preparedness  •  Your facility will be monitored to ensure that it consistently operates within the guidelines of all state and federal regulations.

MDS Process Oversight  •  Our team of specialized consultants will work with the nursing staff to ensure that all assessments are completed timely and error free . Random chart audits will also be performed to verify that all care issues are addressed on the MDS and Care Plan.

Staffing & Scheduling  •  We will help guide your staff to operate under a strict PPD budget to ensure that staffing is always adequate while maintaining cost control. Random chart audits will be performed to verify that all care issues are addressed on the MDS and Care Plan.

Marketing  •  Assistance with efforts to effectively market the facility to the local community and referral sources will be provided.

Environmental & Physical Plant  •  Our consultants will conduct periodic rounds to verify that the physical plant is always properly maintained to promote a “homelike environment”.



Our team of professionals has in-depth experience with billing in the long-term care arena. Our experience allows us to apply knowledge gained from various projects to form an efficient and effective solution to your problems.

Billing Services  •  Stein & Associates will essentially become your facility’s billing department. Our experienced billing staff will coordinate with the nursing home staff to perform accurate and timely billing of your Medicare Part A and Part B claims. Our staff will develop a communication system that tracks available days, charges, costs, co-insurance information, ICD9 codes and assessment reference dates for your residents. We will also compile your Medicare billing logs as well as a monthly Medicare profitability report detailing your profit or loss from each resident. By utilizing this report, the facility can identify positive or negative trends that may require some additional attention. We will also track the facility’s receivables due from the intermediary and co-insurance.

Cost Reports  •  Stein & Associates has experienced staff who are able to complete your facility’s Medicare and Medicaid cost reports with timeliness and accuracy. We will review your general ledger account classifications for proper coding in order to maximize reimbursement in states with a cost based reimbursement system. We will also review your receivables to determine if all allowable bad debt has been captured for the Medicare cost report.



Stein & Associates provides extensive group training and smaller in-service programs in many areas of long-term healthcare. Many of our seminars are approved for CEU credit hours for various disciplines of your team. We periodically schedule seminars throughout the region in an effort to educate and offer up to the minute information for long term care providers.

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